Ultrasound guided percutaneous renal biopsy Using automatic biopsy device


Utilizing Bard Biopsy biopsy device, eighteen gauze Biopsty-cut biopsy

needle and real-time ultrasound, 51 percutaneous renal biopsies were performed under local anesthesia. Lower pole of left kidney was biopsied and the procedure was finished within 30 minutes. Renal tissues were successfully obtained in 48cases. Three cases failed. Eighteen cases obtained 1 core of renal tissues that contain 7.7±3.5 glomeruli. Twenty nine cases obtained 2 cores of renal tissues that contained 12.1±4.0 glomeruli. One woman obtained 2 cores of renal tissues containing 40 glomeruli was excluded to calculate mean glomeruli because of tissues obtained from small kidney. Complication of gross hematuria was noted in 3 cases(5.8%). However, it disappeared within 2 days. Peri-renal hematoma detected by sonography was noted in 4 cases(7.8%), but no case needed either blood transfusion or surgical intervention. Tissues adequacy for pathological diagnosis was achieved in 46 cases(95.8%). We conclude that automatic percutaneous renal biopsy device does provide a safe, quick, easy and reliable operation to obtain renal tissues, and that at least 2 cores of renal tissues are recommended in this technique.

(This article was published on Acta Nephrologica 1993;7:163-167)